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Web HostingWeb/Email Hosting

infaCORE™ and Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. provides dedicated servers and virtual hosting to some of the world's largest and most recognized organizations, non-profits and businesses. In addition to a range of reasonably-priced shared cloud hosting plans, infaCORE™, Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. offers Dedicated and Virtual Cloud servers. All plans come with a 100% uptime commitment, FREE round-the-clock support and access to web based, POP or IMAP email hosting with a 99% spam free promise.

All infaCORE™, Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. data centers feature integrated monitoring and fire systems, cutting-edge security technology and 24/7 on-site security staff. You can be sure any Web site hosted by us is monitored 24-hours-a-day by proven professionals.

When you are ready to step up to a reputable, secure, full service web and email hosting provider, give Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. a call Toll Free at (888) 341-3707 or complete our REQUEST A QUOTE form to get started today.

infaCORE and Thorne Digital maintain a highly trusted ranking for its mail serversEmail Hosting
At Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc., each email account comes with a truly one-of-a-kind address. Forget those strings of nonsensical letters and numbers you get with other email accounts.

Each infaCORE™, Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. email address has your domain name right in it. This makes it super easy for friends, customers and colleagues familiar with your domain name to remember your Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. email address. All infaCORE™, Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. email accounts are fast, ultra-reliable and secure. They're protected from spam and viruses and they're advertising-free. You can access your Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. email through your Web browser or popular email clients like Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook Express, Entourage®, Thunderbird®, Blackberry®, iPhone® or any other smart phone/device. All Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. domain hosting customers get unlimited email accounts at your domain name with 99% less spam than your current provider.

SSL Certificates and PCI Compliance
Secure Sockets Layer Certificates-or SSLs, as they're commonly called-encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and from your Web site. With an SSL on your site, information such as social security and credit card numbers can never be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions. SSL certificates are the single-most powerful means of reassuring wary Internet shoppers. When they see the distinctive padlock icon in the lower corner of their Web browser, visitors know that information flowing both to and from your site is protected. So there's no need to worry that someone will view the private information they provide to you. It's absolutely safe. Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. offers Verisign® Extended Validation SSL Certificates with the latest 256-bit encryption-the highest level available. All Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. SSL hosting customers enjoy quarterly PCI compliance scans to make sure your Ecommerce or SSL protected site stay secure even as the hacking community evolves. At Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. we stay ahead of the security trends to protect you and our entire network.

Content Management Systems
infaCORE CMS/CRM powers more sites everyday. With more attacks on free applications like WordPress, infaCORE provides a secure platform for your staff to quickly update content using our proprietary infaCORE CMS, CRM and Bulk Email systems. Search engine friendly URL's are built into infaCORE, eliminating the use of ?'s, &'s and ='s in your site URL's ensuring your infaCORE CMS driven site higher rankings in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Customer Relationship Managers and Bulk Email software
infaCORE CMS/CRM has a powerful and customizable CRM built right in. Your site visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailings quickly with email validation and captchas to ensure the email addresses and contacts collected by your site are legitimate. Create rich HTML formatted email templates and schedule them to be sent to your site subscribers in just a few clicks. Real-time monitoring of your outgoing bulk mails allows you to track mail campaign success rates in real-time.

About Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc.
Founded in New York, NY in 2003, Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. now dominates the web development, hosting, design and creative fields. Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. owns and operates its own services and equipment, which enables us to keep security and quality high. Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. is renowned for its expert, full service staff and our 24/7 FREE customer service. CEO and Founder Lawrence Thorne was a top designer, developer/DBA and producer for organizations like Earthlink, JP Morgan Chase & Co as well as vendors to the City of NY as well as some of the world's most recognized, global organizations.

Call Toll Free (888) 341-3707 today for all of your web hosting and email hosting needs. Thorne Digital Media Group, Inc. is a full service provider with more than 15 years ISP/Telecom industry experience.